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Moose Next to Your Car? Proceed With Caution.

For most Alaskans, moose are a regular part of everyday life. They are enormous animals found roaming through sports fields, neighborhoods, and casually traversing across roads and highways.

Those who are fortunate enough to see a moose in the road before approaching it are able to wait and watch it cross the road without causing any injuries. Unfortunately, there are instances in which moose cross the road without drivers being able to avoid them, which results in accidents.

Each year, moose inflict injury-causing traffic accidents across Alaska’s interior, which results in medical bills and property damage to the tune of millions of dollars.

What To Do if You Encounter a Moose on the Road

Don’t be alarmed if you come across a moose on the road, but be sure to pay them the respect they deserve. They require lots of space, particularly when their calves are present. They’re typically happy to pose for pictures, but be sure not to get too close. They tend to disregard people and human activities since their main interest is food.

Use the following safety tips from the Alaska Highway Safety Office in order to avoid a fatal confrontation with a moose:

  • Don’t feed a moose.
  • Stay at least 50 feet away from moose.
  • If a moose does not give you the right of way on the path you’re on, allow it to proceed past you.
  • Be aware of the following moose warning signs as they may mean the moose is angry or afraid and might charge:
    • Laying its ears back
    • Hackle rise (the hairs on its hump)
  • Don’t confront moose directly as they are able to kick with their front and rear hooves.
  • Be sure not to corner a moose into fences or homes.
  • If confronted with a charging moose, take cover behind a tree. You’ll likely be able to run around the trunk better than the lanky moose.
  • Don’t ever come between a cow and her calf.

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