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At Farnsworth & Vance, we employ a client-focused, results-driven approach. While we are fully prepared to take every case to trial, we make it our mission to help our clients avoid the time and stress that often comes with a courtroom battle. Instead, we focus on securing bigger, faster settlements so that our clients can move forward with their lives. Our Anchorage personal injury lawyers are skilled negotiators and seasoned litigators; we know how to take on major insurance providers and other liable parties, and we know what it takes to successfully resolve your claim.

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  • $800,000 Recovered, $80,000 Debt Forgiven.
    Car Accident
    Our client was in his second major car accident within 2 years. His first attorney in California stole his settlement from the first accident, so he was hesitant to hire another attorney. Before he came to us, the insurance offered him less than ...
  • $270,000 Recovered, $470,000 Debt Forgiven.
    Pedestrian in a Parking Lot
    Our client was run over by a truck, breaking her hip and arm.
  • $235,000 Recovered, $72,000 Debt Forgiven.
    Car Accident
    Our client was 80 years old and had a lifetime of pre-existing injuries. Just prior to the accident, our client had scheduled his appointment with a back specialist to address his chronic pain. The accident exacerbated his back and injured his ...
  • $225,000 Recovered, $100,000 Forgiven
    T-Boned by an Uninsured Driver
    Our client was T-boned by an uninsured driver. She called 4 other Anchorage personal injury attorneys desperate for help because she had mounting medical debt and no way to pay it off. Of those 4 attorneys, 3 told her they wouldn't take her case and ...
  • $174,500 Recovered
    Motor Vehicle Accident
    Confidential settlement
  • $172,000 Recovered, $300,000 Forgiven
    Car Accident Worsens Preexisting Conditions
    Our client had been restricted to a walker and wheelchair for the prior 10 years. When the accident worsened her pre-existing conditions, the insurance company tried to deny her claim. We wouldn't let them. After collecting 2 full insurance policies, ...
  • $165,000 Recovered, $70,000 Forgiven
    Client Hit By Driver Running a Red Light
    Our client, so sweet, did not deserve anything she was put through. The first attorney she hired sat on the case for almost 2 years, then she hired us. She was hit by a man who ran a red light, and suffered a serious injury. The guy then lied and ...
  • $160,000 Recovered, $70,000 Forgiven
    Shoulder & Arm Surgery
    Shoulder surgery is horrible. It's even worse when during surgery the doctor discovers that its not just the shoulder, but also the bicep that needs to be repaired. Even though our client did nothing to cause the accident, she suffered through months ...
  • $138,000 Recovered
    Motor Vehicle Accident
    Confidential Settlement
  • $123,000 Recovered
    Motor Vehicle Accident
    Confidential Settlement
  • $120,000 Recovered
    Wrongful Death Case
    Confidential settlement
  • $120,000 Recovered
    Car Accident Resulting in Back Pain
    Can you image going through serious spinal surgery? How about getting hit by another car 3 months after that surgery? The insurance tried to tell our client that his back injury was a pre-existing condition from his prior surgery. We told the ...
  • $117,000 Recovered, $25,000 Forgiven
    Slip and Fall at a Local Restaurant
    While our client was dining at a local restaurant, she stepped off her bar stool and onto slick wet tile. She fell and suffered severe injuries to her arm that required emergency surgery. This case is unique in that before hiring our firm the ...
  • $115,000 Recovered, $20,000 Forgiven
    Car Accident Resulting in Shoulder Surgery
    If being in an accident isn't bad enough, our client sustained a separated shoulder that needed surgery. He spent 6 weeks in a sling, before starting months of rehabilitation. After collecting two insurance policy limits, we went to work reducing his ...
  • $65,000 Recovered, $29,000 Debt Forgiven.
    Bicycle Accident
    Our young client was hit by a car whose driver was texting.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Medical Malpractice
    An elderly mother took her disabled son to a local hospital for psychiatric treatment. The hospital discharged the son without informing the mother. The son never made it home.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Wrongful Death
    Our client’s mother pursued a claim against another family for failing to properly secure a firearm that resulted in the accidental death of her daughter. Despite clear liability, the insurance argued that the daughter had committed suicide and tried ...
  • Confidential Recovery, $215,000 Forgiven
    Medical Malpractice During Surgery
    Medical malpractice is a complex and difficult field of law requiring expertise beyond most law firm's capabilities. Here, our client trusted a surgeon who made an obvious mistake but didn't fix it. Days later she was dying in the hospital. When the ...