Car AccidentThese Are Alaska’s Most Dangerous Roads

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While driving anywhere can be challenging and hazardous at times, there are certain Alaska roads that are much more dangerous than others. Alaska is home to some of the world’s greatest natural beauty, but accessing it isn’t always a walk in the park.

Keep reading to learn which Alaska roads are the most dangerous.

Most Dangerous Alaska Roads

The following roads have been found to be the most dangerous throughout the state of Alaska. If you’re a timid driver, it may be wise to avoid these roads whenever possible.

#1 – Dalton Highway

This road has earned the reputation of being the “loneliest road in America” because there are so few places to stop along the 414-mile-long road. It’s commonly tormented with cold temperatures, snow, and ice. It’s often very difficult to see while driving on this road.

Large commercial oil trucks frequent this road with very aggressive speed, so watch out. It’s also common for wild animals to randomly roam the road. For all of these reasons, it’s wise to avoid this road at night.

#2 – Seward Highway

You’ve probably heard about this road because of the number of car accidents that occur on it. Most of these accidents are a result of the winding road with only two lanes total, paired with a high amount of traffic during the warmer months.

The epic sight-seeing makes this road a popular destination for tourists, which causes increased congestion. The increase in congestion makes this already-dangerous road even more hazardous, making passing even more of a challenge.

#3 – Sterling Highway

Sterling Highway is also popular among sightseers and tourists. Although, Sterling Highway has the added danger of frequent wildfires. During certain times of the year, traveling this road can be very dangerous since there are no alternate routes to take if a fire breaks out.

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