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Alaskan Safe Communities

Safe Communities America (SCA) is an organization originally founded by the National Safety Council that aims to encourage safe and healthy communities as well as enhance general resident health in America. This is accomplished through the development and influence of health policies, promotion of data usage, best practices, assessment, and prioritizing prevention.

The ultimate goal for Alaska regarding the Safe Communities Program is to decrease the number of injuries and fatalities within the community by keeping people involved and educated about prevention strategies.

Anchorage, Alaska has been an accredited Safe Community since 1996 and continues to keep the accreditation up-to-date.

What Do They Do?

Safe Communities America has both national and international goals. The following are some of the goals they hope to achieve within the United States:

  • Boost the magnitude of communities and their partners to deliver useful injury and violence prevention programs through education, best practices, setting standards for surveillance, managing program evaluations, and conducting site visits by SCA reviewers as a portion of the SCA accreditation procedure.
  • Encourage, execute, and analyze research regarding preventing injuries and violence at the community level.
  • Aid the clarification of technical data and use it to develop preventative action for communities.
  • Encourage idea, policy, and information sharing with members in diverse federal, state, and local agencies.

Similarly, the program has the following international goals:

  • Collaborate with the international Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network (PPSCN) and the World Health Organization Violence and Injury Prevention Division.
  • Administer gatherings to collaborate and share information among Safe Communities within the PPSCN.
  • Find methods to fortify the comprehension of best practices in the promotion of injury prevention and safety.

Get Involved

If you live near Anchorage and you’d like to get involved in the Safe Communities America program, contact the Center for Safe Alaskans to see how you can connect.

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