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How Do I Choose a Good Attorney?

By Choosing Us.

There are many options when it comes to personal injury attorneys. We charge the same rates and we all work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid until we collect money for you. So, what sets Farnsworth & Vance apart from the rest?

First, we are the “Insurance Insiders.” Jeff Vance was staff attorney for one of the largest insurance companies in America. When attorneys like us brought claims against insurance companies, the companies hired Jeff to defend them. Jeff knows more about the insurance companies’ valuing practices, internal processes, and defense strategies than any other injury attorney in Alaska. When other attorneys have questions about how insurance companies handle claims, they call us. So, would you rather be represented by us, or by an attorney who calls us to ask for advice?

Second, we have the experience. Many Anchorage injury attorneys many haven’t seen the inside of the courtroom in years. While we try hard and are usually successful at settling your claim for maximum value without filing a lawsuit, sometimes insurance companies would rather be sued than settle. If this is the case with your claim, do you want an attorney who is capable and willing to take your case to trial or one who is not? We are, and we do.