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Will the Car Insurance Company Pay for My Medical Treatment?

Not Until the Very End of Your Case, but That’s Okay Because We Can Help.

We had a client who was involved in a high-speed accident. He was injured, but he didn’t have any health insurance to help pay for treatment. The other driver’s insurance company (Geico) said they would not pay for his treatment, but they might reimburse him for his treatment when he is ready to settle.

Without health insurance or Geico willing to pay for his treatment, the physical therapist refused to treat him out of fear of not being paid for his work. Our client couldn’t pay for treatment and the therapist wouldn’t treat without payment, so he called us.

We called the therapist and let him know we had reviewed the accident and we were confident that we could settle the case for enough money to pay the treatment costs. With our assurances, the therapist treated the client and then sent us the bills. We then settled the case with Geico, paid the therapist, and put thousands of dollars into our client’s pocket for his pain and suffering.