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If I Hire an Attorney, Does That Mean We Are Going to Court?

No, Most Cases Settle Without Filing a Law Suit.

Insurance companies cannot afford to litigate every accident, so they try to settle. If they know an attorney is skilled at trial and willing to litigate an accident in order to get full value, then the company will save the cost of litigating by settling the accident for full value without trial. That is what we do best, we settle most accident claims without trial for full value. This saves you time and money.

But there is no guarantee. Sometimes the insurance companies’ opinions differ from ours and we must take a claim all the way through trial in order to have a jury determine value. If this happens with your claim, you will want an attorney skilled in the courtroom, rather than one who will accept a lesser value for you claim in order to avoid trial. Reach out to Farnsworth & Vance via online form or call (907) 290-2576 to schedule a consultation.