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When pedestrians are walking about, they are at risk of becoming involved in a car accident regardless of whether they are on the road or not. Pedestrian accidents make up about 10% of all vehicle related incidents, so it is important to understand the main causes behind this statistic. In the majority of cases, it is the fault of the driver, and the consequences can be life changing. Here are the most common reasons for pedestrian accidents in 2023.

Drunk Drivers

Drunk drivers are nothing new, but the threat is still very real despite all the laws and regulations out there. When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking too much alcohol, they are putting themselves and everyone in their path at risk because an inebriated brain is not best placed to operate a car and make good choices. If a wrongful death occurs, or some other type of incident where a pedestrian is involved, and drunk driving is the cause, there will be clear grounds for a claim.

Lack of Awareness and Concentration

Lack of awareness or dips in concentration is another leading cause behind pedestrian to vehicle incidents. If a driver is distracted by a heavy mental health day, their kids in the back, music that is too loud, or just general splits in concentration, they are not focusing on driving safely. This is when accidents happen, and more often than not a pedestrian could be involved.

Road Users and Texting

Texting or using a mobile phone while in charge of a vehicle is definitely illegal, but people still do it anyway. It is too distracting and poses a major risk for pedestrians, and is one of the most common causes of this type of incident. There are severe penalties and criminal charges brought against people who are caught doing this because it puts other road users and people walking about in danger.

When you are looking at your phone to reply to a message, you are not thinking about how to drive safely and you won’t be in full control of all the decisions that you make on the road. There are hands-free devices for a reason, and it is always better to wait when wanting to reply to a message than do it from the driver’s seat. Two seconds of not looking at the road are all it takes for something to go wrong.

Slip and Fall Incidents

Pedestrians can sometimes be the reason behind these collision types, for instance, if they suffer a slip and fall accident while near a busy road. There may still be a valid claim for a personal injury compensation route, but it is a lot more complex than a simple hit and run.

Vehicle Faults

If an accident happens, and it is because the vehicle was not road worthy, there will be a lot of questions to answer. Starting up your car when you know it has a fault in need of repair is the height of irresponsibility, and it is so easily avoided. While repair and maintenance are costly, they are just part and parcel of vehicle ownership, and attending to these issues is essential to avoid things like hitting a pedestrian because your car breaks and you are no longer able to control it.

Walking at Night

Another time when the pedestrian may be to blame is when they decide to take a walk at night and do not wear appropriate clothing. Reflective jackets, head torches, and anything bright enough to be seen in headlights is essential for nighttime strolling. Combine this with walking on the right side of the road for the direction you’re heading in, and trying to stick to sidewalks wherever possible to avoid coming into contact with a road user. If you have to walk on a dangerous road, make sure you take all the necessary precautions before you set off.

Making Unsafe Decisions

Where you walk really matters when it comes to avoiding incidents like this. If you decide to try to cross the road in an unsafe place or walk in between parked cars you are automatically increasing the risk of being hit and injured. Unsafe decisions are one of the forces behind pedestrian road accidents, and often it is because the pedestrian was not thinking with safety in mind out and about.

Inexperienced Drivers

Whether it is a new driver or a nervous one, inexperience often leads to collisions of this nature. Someone lacking in confidence is more likely to make bad choices or panic while operating a vehicle, and this could have devastating consequences. If you don’t feel ready to drive, then don’t do it until you have taken steps to boost your confidence. This way, you won’t be putting people at risk of becoming a victim of your lack of ability.


It can be difficult to judge when the opportune moment for crossing the road is, and it becomes harder still if a driver appears out of nowhere doing ridiculous speeds. Going above the speed limit is against the law, yet it remains one of the most common driving problems in the world. For pedestrians, this is a serious problem because they are the ones in danger of becoming a hit and run victims if they are caught in the crossfire.

Pedestrian Distractions

Just like drivers can sometimes be distracted behind the wheel, pedestrians can also cause incidents by not paying enough attention while out and about. If you cross the road while scrolling through reels, you cannot give the action the attention it truly deserves. This may lead to you stepping into an oncoming vehicle, or worse. Don’t use your phone while crossing, and try to avoid walking around when drunk or intoxicated in some other way.

Pedestrian accidents are a common thing, and they can’t always be avoided. It is an unfortunate situation, and figuring out the cause will be the best way to reach the best settlement option. Sometimes, it is the driver to blame but pedestrians can cause these collisions as well.

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